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From idea to the product launch at a reasonable price

We will ensure the entire development of the device. We will analyze your requirements, prepare a draft and design solution. We will develop and process the first prototype of the device after your approval. Once approved and tested, the product along with the documentation will be ready for mass production.

Idea and specification

Development of electronic devices is a difficult process. In case you want to avoid the unnecessary problems, we will be pleased to help you with the draft and execution of the optimal solution. We will consult your requirements at the joint meeting and we will turn your idea into a reality. We will prepare detailed specification how the electronic device works, in order to proceed to the next development step.

Nápad a špecifikácia
Schéma zapojenia

Wiring diagram

We will design for you the right wiring diagram with the right components. The wiring diagram is a basic document serving as the specification of components in order to create printed circuit board. Good connection scheme also consists of the further information necessary for the correct understanding of how the device operates. It maps in detail the interconnection of circuits and components in an easily readable form.

Design of printed circuit board – PCB

The PCB is a non-conductive laminated plate, which is a core of electronic circuits. Suitably organized circuits, components and structural elements are interconnected according to the wiring diagram via conductive connections. We will make the PCB design for our clients according to the diagram and we will provide all necessary documents for the production of the PCB

Návrh dosky plošných spojov – DPS
Výroba prototypu

Prototype production

We can provide our clients with the production of the prototype of the developed devices, as well as the production in smaller series. The prototype can be used as a sample for inhouse testing, testing laboratories and production. Regarding serial production, we will prepare all documentation necessary for the subcontractor. In case you will need to increase the speed of production, we can provide the cooperation with our long-time partners, when needed.

Firmware development

Firmware is a software, which internally controls and monitors designed electronic device. The device would not be functional without this binary file. We provide to our clients the development of new firmware, as well as the update of the existing one. Development of such software for electronic devices often takes 50 % of the work on the project. It is really a notable amount of time, and that’s why we pay sufficient attention to the firmware production.

Vývoj firmware
Testovacia prevádzka

Test operation

Test operation is another step in the development of the electronic device. We can provide pilot testing of the products, which simulates its real use. During trial operation, we test small amount of units – prototypes. We examine and assess the production possibilities, design draft or usability of the documentation. After test operation is finished, all defects revealed are incorporated into the firmware, diagram and the PCB. The results are a stable firmware version and the end product.

Successful product

Our work does not end here. Satisfied clients are pleased to contact us again, which makes us stable and long-time partner. Do not hesitate to contact us during the development of the existing product or when improving a new generation of products.

Úspešný produkt

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